About Gellania

I’m Gellania, an active raiding shadowpriest with Brave New World on Dath’Remar. I’ve been playing WoW on-and-off for about six years now, and I’ve spent about five of those years on my shadowpriest.

Over the past five years, I’ve seen my favourite class evolve from an overpowered mana battery in Burning Crusade, to our current role as a very-viable DPS. I’ve also learnt a lot, from peers, Blizzard forums and third party sites such as ElitistJerks and shadowpriest.com.

Through this blog, I hope to share this knowledge with other budding shadowpriests. I would also like to seek views and learn from other shadowpriests. Afterall, many guilds keep to just one or two shadowpriests on their rosters, and that can be really lonely.


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